Cheyenne Randall, b. 1978, investigates identity and the idea of celebrity obsession and apotheosis in his work. Working in digital photography, Photoshop, paint, and wheat paste installation, the artist delves into constructed notions of individuality and the semiotics of representation, while concurrently questioning subcultural practices such as tattooing and graffiti, examining the liminality between sanctioned and unsanctioned works of art. The artist also represents his Indigeneity by including iconic images of Indigenous North American leaders and honoring them with a reverence and contemporary aesthetic – cementing the fact that Native America was and is still here, illuminating notions of survivance. In his public art installations, Randall democratizes art, creating a gallery space en plein air and eliminating hierarchical and institutional structures of authority. In his Shopped Tattoo series, the artist superimposes tattoos onto iconic historic and celebrity figures, redressing their identity, interrogating material and popular culture – while also questioning practices of self-identifying and the representation of imbricated identities. In Randall’s landscapes, the artist creates surreal imagery, subverting colonial views of the landscape, land ownership, and fetishization of the natural world.



2019 “RELISH” Group Show, 9th & Thomas, Seattle, WA

2018 “HOLLYWOODNT”, Solo Show, Avenue De Arts, Los Angeles, CA

2017 “ART OF THE STEAL”, Group Show, Artist for Progress, Seattle, WA

2017 “TRUTHS ARE LIES, LIES ARE TRUTH”, Group Show, Artist for Progress, Seattle, WA

2016 “HOLLYWOODNT”, Solo Show, Treason Gallery, Seattle, WA

2016  “You Are On Indigenous Land”, Group Show, Core gallery, Seattle, WA

2015  “MY HERO!”, Group Show, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

2014 “AU9USTO”, Group Show, Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Public Collections:

2018 “The Mural Project” (Residency) Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ

2017 “SODO Track” Large Scale Public Mural, Seattle, WA

Large Scale Private Installations: 

2019 Wheat Paste Mural, Old Crow Tattoo, Oakland, CA

2019 Wheat Paste Mural, Knotel, Santa Monica, CA

2019  Wheat Paste Mural, FELIX Trattoria, Venice, CA

2019  Wheat Paste Murals, Villa Royal Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

2018  Mixed Media Mural, Getta Clue Store, Sacramento, CA

2018  Wheat Paste Mural, Kings Plaza Mall, NY

2017  Mixed Media Mural, Vice Headquarters, Venice, CA

2017  Large scale framed print work for all guest rooms, Santa Barbara, CA

2015  Mixed Media Mural, Out of Site, King Street Station, Seattle, WA

Printed Publications:

2019 March Issue, Architectural Digest, Kylie Jenner - Living Pretty in LA, Artist Credit 

2019 Season 2 Issue 13, Off The Rails Magazine - All Shook Up, 6 page feature spread

2018 Winter Issue, VQR (Virginia Quarterly Review) - Resistance Training in Indian Country, Illustrations

2017 Winter Issue #73,  B*tch Magazine - Cover

2016 Issue Three of Off The Rails Magazine - Cover

Media and Music:

2019 Fences, FAILURE SCULPTURES, Album Art Design

2019 Fences, “Mission” Music Video, Writer, Director and Producer

2017 Vice Docu-Series RISE, original artwork for Sundance Film Poster

2016 Original art and tattoo design for “WHY HIM” motion picture by Fox Studios, Los Angeles, CA

2014 The Doors / Peter Lafarge Album art in collaboration with Shepard Fairey 

Philanthropic Projects:

2010-2015 “Honor The Treaties” A project made in collaboration with leaders from Treaty Rights organizations in Indian Country dedicated to amplifying the voices of Indigenous communities through art and advocacy 

2010 Census Campagne Poster for San Francisco Native American Health Center

Cheyenne is a self represented artist